Hi! My name is Katie and I am currently a language assistant in Spain which means I’m teaching and traveling and trying to figure out what to do next in life. I enjoy doing anything creative and good banter.

                                                              this is me enjoying banter

             I like to think I’m like most milliennials – I am on a unique journey and I believe EVERYONE wants to know about it and as a result I have birthed this lame blog. Actually I hope you don’t find this blog too lame because I’m going to be posting about things I think are really cool and  anecdotes about my life. And I think my life is pretty cool most of time, except for when its not.

Other things I enjoy include:

  • Trying on clothes from Cracker Barrel in their restrooms
  • Attempting to take artsy pictures
  • Sending witty cards to friends


This is me trying on a top in a Cracker Barrel restaurant
This is me attempting to take an artsy picture in Disney World featuring me in the Polaroid


This is a witty card I sent to my friend telling him he is adequate.


Thanks for checking about my blog! Hopefully this one fairs better than my previous blog attempt and I’ll be posting soon!


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