It’s (Almost) 2018!

Okay so last year my motto was “New Year, New Me!” And I literally accomplished nothing I set out to resolve. Not to say 2017 wasn’t full of incredible moments (even though my Twitter TL left me feeling exasperated 90% of the time, THX DTRUMP!) Anyway, “New Year, New Me” was such a joke it eventually became a literal joke between  me and my roommate lulz. BUT THIS ISN’T HAPPENING FOR 2018!

So, yeah I actually want to, yah know, keep some of my resolutions this year so I decided not to go super hardcore. I mean some will take more work than others and some are super lame but some are super chill. So let’s get to the dreaded list!


  1. Master Winged Eyeliner

This one came to me on December 28, 2017 at 2:36AM (I know this because there is a “Note” in my phone that has one single word in it: Eyeliner.

I’m not sure what inspired this but my guess is the flu medicine…
  1. Don’t Say Maybe When I Want to Say No

This. Is. A. Super. Basic. 2018. Resolution. I. Know. But seriously I need to get better at it because then I just end up feeling like a jerk when I fiiiiinally say no.

  1. Stop Being a Brand Hoe

I’m too poor for it anyway. (Side note when I typed “poor” I accidentally typed “poot”…anyone remember the Poot Lovato meme because enjoy).


Like seriously. On this last day of 2017 I currently have 1,456 screenshots…that is disgusting? What do I even have screenshotted that’s so important? Thank god for the screenshot update thing where you can send it as soon as you snap it and then delete it right away.

so a lot of memes, cute animals pics and some awful Tinder bios.
  1. Work on Long Term Projects

I’m instant gratification obsessed. When I post a picture on Instagram I want those likes NOW. When I post a poll on my Instastory I want the results NOW. If I send a meme to you on Insta (JK BUT I AM INSTA OBSESSED OBVS). But seriously ever since I was a wee babe my mom would say “Patience is a virtue but it is not mine.” I think around 11-ish I also adopted this saying. So I’m going to work on patience being one of my virtues.

  1. Be Open to New Experiences

I mean I feel like I already kinda am but doesn’t mean I should stop. Besides I think new experiences make people ~grow~ (in their vibe/personality not height, unfortunately) and I’m down with that.

  1. Keep Up with This Lame Blog

I think this is my third blog attempt. Maybe this one is the charm or however that saying goes. Also this would be a great way to work on Rez #5.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I figured out how to make an album on a post! I’m getting so good at this blogging thing already!


Honorable mentions include:  joining a gym, eating healthier, and reading more books.

Lastly, here’s a 2017 picture of me but this is my Mood for 2018. (the Mood is thirty, flirty and thriving if it was unclear)

Happy New Years Everyone!

4 Replies to “It’s (Almost) 2018!”

  1. This is so great! I am so proud you started this 🙂 You definitely need to post a link to your Instagram so everyone can also see your amazing vlogs 😀 Happy new year Katie!! ❤


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